Week 5: Gems

By: soulbrotha

Jan 30 2009

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Originally posted at 4BB 2.0 on February 29, 2008:

I want to thank everybody for all the thank-you’s, the input and the outpouring of love that has been flooding in since my last post. It has been a tremendous response and has encouraged the snot out of us all! Danke, danke, danke! And now, on with the show – with a great share from LP2!

Ruby Stackhouse, was born March 12, 1947, in Hollandale, Mississippi. This Chicago R&B singer made her reputation in 1967 with her one crossover hit, “Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)’, which went to number 9 in the R&B charts and number 51 in the pop charts. The song, co-written and produced by Joshie Jo Armstead, featured a typical Chicago-style mid-tempo lope, but was recorded and arranged by Mike Terry in Detroit. Most of Andrews” releases on the Chicago-based Zodiac label, however, were produced and written by the team of Fred Bridges, Robert Eaton and Richard Knight, who previously were moderately successful as the vocal group Brothers Of Soul (of “I Guess That Don’t Make Me A Loser” fame). Andrews evolved into a powerful vocalist on such aggressive stand-outs as “You Made A Believer (Out Of Me)” (number 18 in the R&B charts and number 96 in the pop charts in 1969), “Everybody Saw You” (number 34 in the R&B charts in 1970) and “You Ole Boo You’ (number 47 in the R&B charts in 1971). Most of her records were recorded in Detroit and Memphis. A period with ABC Records during 1976-77 produced no hits. The song that established Andrews” career, “Casanova”, saw new life in 1980, when a female trio from Chicago, Coffee, released a disco version that went to number 13 in the UK but proved unsuccessful in the USA. In 1991, Jerry (Swamp Dogg) Williams produced an appealing album with Andrews in California, called Kiss This. (Courtesy of Oldies.com)

I love belters who have that “collard greens and chitlins” growl in their voice that says “Fuck it, this ain’t no beauty pageant. Imma sang this shit!” Ruby kicks ass from the opening wail of “Whatever It Takes to Please”, to the raspy growl of “Overdose of Love”, and the blaxploitation sounds of “My Love is Coming Down.” The music behind “The Love I Need” sounds a lot like Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Your Precious Love.”

The “jewel” of the bunch, though, is “You Made A Believer Out Of Me”! Starting with a funky drum intro and jumping into a groove that is slightly reminiscent of The Soul Survivors’ “Expressway To Your Heart” (see soundbites below), it was hot enough for De La Soul to sample it for their track “Brain-washed Follower.” I defy you to keep your head from boppin’!

All thanks goes to LP2 for contributing this beauty!!!

There’s been no official CD re-issue – so you really should try to get your hands on the vinyl…but try and find a cheaper copy than this one ($206.30) or this one right here ($665)! Keep digging!

23 comments on “Week 5: Gems”

  1. Props to LP2 & SB!
    Show some love for their joint effort!
    EDIT: The album links are now updated with the missing final track “Hound Dog” – thanks for pointing that out WKC!

    http://lix.in/-47e0d4 (UploadJockey)
    or http://lix.in/-4aee16 (ShareBee)

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  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome back, brothers. I missed you so much. Just a few minutes in here, everything looks more than great! Excellent!!

    Thank you LP2 for the gem and i wish 4BB family, the best !!!!!

  3. Thanks Nikos! Good to be back! πŸ™‚

  4. Big thanks LP2 and to all brothers everywhere πŸ™‚
    Now, how wild are those strings that come into “Didn’t I Fool You” at 0:45? Crazy good. … and also, just another sample spot for “You made a believer out of me” – it’s also the basis of “Won’t Trade” on Q-Tip’s 2008 album “The Renaissance”, which is well worth checking out.

  5. Thank you so much guys:) my soul music education is back on track now!

  6. thanks a zillion LP2 ! only knew her 1974 casanova, and this one is a beauty too!
    peace, E-mile

  7. thanks Lp2 & SB!!

  8. been on the lookout for this baby, the funk is on here
    dope as f*ck
    thanx homes

  9. Thanks LP2 & SB!

  10. Ive need this one in my life for quite some time, big ups!

  11. thanks

  12. Thanks yo!

  13. I had it, but thanks for a great share, i love it.

  14. Thanks for this gem!

  15. is Hound Dog missing on this post? Or is it just my copy? Thanks again

    • Damn, WKC…you’re right! And there’s some mislabeling of another of the tracks as well (well, we were in a hurry getting this place up and running)…aight, will try to fix this ASAP…kinda in the middle of something right now, but I’ll get to it eventually…I’ll holla when new links are available! πŸ™‚

  16. A true gem again,thank you

  17. thanks a bunch

  18. Big thanks to LP2 and the brothers for this rare goodie. I likee….
    Damn, its good to have 4BB back innit?

  19. a jewel, thank you for sharing


  20. thanks, kopcumkap

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