Week 6: Climbing

By: Ark1

Feb 05 2009

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Originally posted at 4BB 2.0 on April 1st, 2008:

Hiya peeps! I was thinking that it would be nice to keep everything on the soul tip – so here’s Stairsteps 1970 self titled release on Buddah Records. Of course it has the platinum selling classic “Ooh Child” on it, but there are other great songs on this album as well. And, I know what you are thinking! You want a fresh ass shirt like the one on this cover! Unless you get really lucky and find one that has been preserved at a thrift store…keep dreaming!!! They just don’t make them like they used to! Hahaha!

But seriously….check out this performance – pure class!!!

(Youtube clip borrowed from craigstarr)

This is a rather short, sweet soul album that is nice to have in the collection. Although many people usually settle for the greatest hits these days, it is nice to hear this and other albums in their completeness. Side 1 starts with an electrifying Sly & The Family Stone kind of feel, as two Lennon/McCartney covers of “Getting Better” and “Dear Prudence” are rendered into tasty, soulful perfection. I also dig a couple of the other uptempo tracks like “Vice The Lights” and “Who Do You Belong To”. Every single song on this album is great! My only dis-like is that it ends so fast! Total duration is 27 minutes and some change! Other than that, it’s a classic! Check it out for yourself and enjoy.

For a full run down of the wonderful 5 Stairsteps, check out the Wikipedia entry right here!

For more info on The Five Stairsteps and other Chicago R&B artists, consider reading the book Chicago Soul by Robert Pruter, published in 1992 – available here!

Never reissued and a real hard album to find, but if you hurry up there’s a $49 copy of the original vinyl for sale over here.


7 comments on “Week 6: Climbing”

  1. Thanks Arkane1! Great choice, great rip!
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  2. Wow thanks!

  3. Life is good again. The Brothers are back in town.

  4. A classic! Thanks Arkane1!

  5. Dope! Ooh child is my fav song of all time! Riiiiiickeeeeeeeeeeeey!

  6. thanks

  7. Great Drop!

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