Week 8: Electrified

By: Lafayette

Feb 18 2009

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Originally posted at 4BB 2.0 on August 6, 2008:

Here’s yet another fine contribution from our friend Paros. This time he’s reached a little further back in his crates, and scooped up a late 60’s release on Atlantic by pianist/keyboardist Phil Moore Jr.

Before I heard this album (which was like yesterday) I had only heard his cut “Funky Canyon” on the compilation “Right On! Vol. 3 (Break Beats & Grooves From The Atlantic & Warner Vaults)”…and the only thing I knew about Phil himself was that he was known for always surrounding himself with top notch session players, that he experimented with an electrified Melodica, and that whatever he did – he did it funky! (OK, that’s three things, but you get my drift!)

So you can just imagine how glad I was when our generous blogger-pal in exile, Paros, decided to rip Phil’s rare groover “Right On” from 1969 – just for us…and finally let me hear some more of Phil Moore Jr’s repertoire! And of course, Phil blew me away – especially with a certain brutishily funky outing simply called “Hog Call”! Just listen to this short preview, dammit! :¬)

Here’s a short review from Soulstrut.com that sheds some more light on both “Hog Call” in specific and the album in general:

Phil Moore Jr. was a jazz pianist, who played the melodica, a keyboard variant that can sound like a toy at times, on this album. “Right On” was his first solo effort – joined by the likes of Steve Kahn and Wilton Felder. All the songs are soulful to funky instrumentals. The title track scores with its bouncy rhythm. There’s also a good cover of “You Showed Me”, and “Hog Call” has a catchy melody, some great bass playing by Felder, and a couple light breakdowns. It’s also helped by the fact that Moore busts out with a regular keyboard. “Funky Canyon” is as good as its namesake. Moore, is even able to get down on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, which he rearranges a bit.

To end things off, here’s some reminiscing from Paros himself on his favourite cuts on the album:

“This isn’t just a great LP in itself, but also highly sought after by beatmakers. The cut ‘Working On A Groovy Thing’ is the one that does it for me…and I sure remember shuffling around the dancefloor to ‘Hog Call’ in some seedy club back in the 70s. Great stuff…those really were the days!”

Mad props to Paros for sharing!

Now head on over to Calisoulbrother and pick up the one vinyl copy he’s got available! (And hey, while you’re there, make sure to check out his $5 Soul section – and get yourself a fistful of the good music!)

10 comments on “Week 8: Electrified”

  1. All props to Paros! Say something nice, and he might do it again!

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  2. Thanks so much. Don’t have this one.

  3. Looks great, thanls!

  4. Awesome album! Man I am totally diggin’ “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”! Nice to hear those vibes in the background too. Thanks Paros!

  5. I love the cover. Thanks for sharing these greats one.

  6. thanks

  7. I think I have this in my collection somewhere, but it’s good to get this just in case!
    Thanks again 4BB!!!

  8. Much appreciated.Thank you

  9. thanks

  10. classic soul!! Thanks

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