Week 10: Whipped

By: Lafayette

Mar 04 2009

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Originally posted at 4BB 2.0 on April 10, 2008:

Happy Birthday, Soulbrotha! Here’s one tasty birthday present from the 4BB Fam – and a truly fabulous contribution from Rare-1! (Props where props are due!!!)

Damn! I’ve been wanting to hear this album for 15 years! One of my favourite vinyl mongers used to have the fantastic cover art framed and on the wall behind the counter.

I always thought of it as some sort of novelty record – just a spoof on the Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass release “Whipped Cream” from 1965 (with it’s classic cover art), and left it at that. But nothing (almost anyway) could be more far from the truth!

Some weeks ago I heard a fantastic song, purely by coincidence, called “Do A Dance For Love”, a true dancefloor blaster – and boy was I surprised when I found out that it was done by the elusive Sweet Cream! That’s when the hunt began…again!

The album was released in 1978 on Shadybrook Records, and behind the corny name Sweet Cream we find the three sisters Gloria, Esther and Gracie Ridgeway – later known as The Ridgeway Sisters. The release was produced, conceptualized and coordinated by The Wizards! (aka The Ben Men) – of whom I know absolutely nothing! To my surprise I also found some P-Funksters in the line-up: Carl “Butch” Small (percussion) and David Spradley (synthesizers)!

Dropped at the height of the disco craze, the album includes some typical dancefloor outings – like the wicked single “I Don’t Know What I’d Do (If You Ever Left Me), which became an underground club hit (chances are you’ll remember it when you hear the chorus!) and with its catchy guitar licks and stellar vocals really should have become a classic. And of course my favourite “Do A Dance For Love” – with that awesome raspy lead vocals, groovy bassline and hard-hitting horn section! But it’s not all disco – my favourites are actually the sweet soulful songs “You Brought Joy”, with its soaring strings and simply beautiful chorus, and the wonderful ballad “Pretty Little Black Boy”!

Soulwalking.co.uk had this info to share on the Ridgeway Sisters:

The Ridgeway Sisters comprised of Gloria, Esther and Gracie Ridgeway – hailing from Detroit, Michigan. The sisters first came to the attention of soul fans via their fine vocal contributions to the Gene Dunlap album ‘It’s Just The Way I Feel’ for the Capitol Records label in 1981. Prior to that outing, the group recorded under the name Sweet Cream, releasing ‘Sweet Cream And Other Delights’ for the Shadybrook imprint in 1978. (Read the full bio here!)

Never re-issued – but the original vinyl is up for grabs right here!

Happy Birtday, SB – now try this tasty sampler of the floorfiller “Do A Dance For Love”!

(Ps. Big thanks to Rare-1 for finally letting me listen to this rare and wonderful album – we owe you one! And thanks to DungeonDJ for providing the much improved cover art!)

12 comments on “Week 10: Whipped”

  1. Thank you, Rare-1! Great album!
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  2. Wooh, thank you brothers…………so glad to see you guys are back in full effect!! It’s a pain getting through all the pop-ups on upload jockey but man, it almost doesn’t even matter right now! You guys are back!!

  3. Thank You. I am so glad you guys are back

  4. Welcome Back Guys!! We missed you.

  5. Thanks Rare-1! Some great tracks on this one! Nice cover, too.

  6. Damn always thought this was the herb albert, good looks for putin me on to this look foward to checkin this out!

  7. thank you

  8. Good to have you guys back! Thanks for informing me by email & for such great music.

  9. Hot-damn that cover art is dope as all hell!!!
    Can’t wait to listen! Thanks yet again 4BB!

  10. I ‘ve lost this one.Great day for me,thanks a lot

  11. A good album indeed…thanks

  12. I agree, BC, I also thought this was the Herb Alpert. Looked closer and remembered (which isn’t easy lately)……I know this album! Thanks guys.

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