Week 14: Rebirth

By: Lafayette

Apr 01 2009

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Hello, friends!

Let me tell you, it feels real good to be able to say: WE’RE BACK!!!

And we’re back in style too! Instead of fixing up the old place, we felt like a change was due – a change to the better…something fresh, something simpler, cleaner and with an added focus on the music itself. We call it “4BB Weekly” – or rather “4BB Album of the Week”. And yeah, it’s really just as simple as it sounds – one new post each week, all year long…definitely choosing quality over quantity.

But we got some goods news regarding quantity as well…the 4BB’s are expanding! I’m proud to announce that we’ve added 2 new members to the staff. We got ourselves our very own 4BB DJ…say hi to LP2! (Yup, the very same LP2 who won our 4BB Beat Logo competition last year). And add to that, our very own 4BB graphics designer and blog technician – say hello to Flippin’! Both of them ready, willing and able to help us serve and protect the good music…and to make your stay here even more pleasurable both to your eyes and ears! We already feel right at home – and we hope you all will too!

Before we kick things off with LP2’s fabulous “Phoenix” mixtape, I really must take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped make 4BB what it is…naturally, first and foremost, my brothers in arms: SB, Ark1 and Vincent! And the entire 4BB family…all of the contributors, the blogger colleagues, the 4BB regulars and followers, the commenters  – no names needed, you all know who you are! 4BB just wouldn’t be the same without you. You are all the reason why we’re back! Thank you for your support! Keep them comments coming!

Now, let’s get back to the music…the real reason why we’re all here! DJ LP2 has prepared us a little something to celebrate our return…something real special: Phoenix – The Resurrection Mixtape! (Click the link for a preview!) Over 1 hour’s worth of great music including funky nuggets from acts like Honey & The Bees, The Dramatics, Anette Poindexter & Pieces of Peace, Creative Source, King Sporty, Love Unlimited, and Zeke Strong & The Ladyettes – just mentioning some of this delicious mixtapes content (see the back cover for full details and credits)! And don’t miss out on LP2’s wicked remix of Marvin & Tammi’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” All of it skillfully blended together into one sweet and soulful concoction just perfect for serving as the main course on this opening night! Enough of the talk now…this joint really speaks for itself! Enjoy! (Link in comments!)

For second helpings, we’ve filled the 12 weeks leading up to this joyful event with some of our favourite posts from the old blog (check out the “Archive” tab up in the right corner)! But save some room for dessert – our soul chef Vincent has a little special something of his own cooking over at Week 13!

Welcome back, ya’ll!

97 comments on “Week 14: Rebirth”

  1. Fantastic work, LP2!!! Thanks for helping us getting things started just the right way! Welcome back, ya’ll!

    http://lix.in/-4aee7a (UploadJockey)
    or http://lix.in/-4c751b (ShareBee)
    (4BB’s links including special front and back covers)

    Read more about this on our “About” page.

    17 U.S.C. 107 permits copyrighted material to be used under the “fair use” doctrine without any permission from the copyright owner. As such, as far as these files are concerned, they are clips and/or low quality reproductions of material; As such they should not be used as substitutes for retail copies of the material contained within. No currency or materials in-Lieu of same has changed hands during the download and/or distribution of these files. No monetary reward is expected and/or accepted for the content of these files. No pretense has been, nor will ever be, made that these files and their contents have ever been, or ever will be, of retailable quality.

    Still, any artist or legal copyright owner who whould rather not see their music or other creations on this blog, please leave a comment with a valid e-mail address and we will sort things out A.S.A.P. If you do download any music or any other copyrighted material, please delete download within 24 hrs and hit the record shop. Always support the real artists whenever possible!

    • NOTE: We’ve added an additional link (ShareBee) to all posts, after reported problems with pop-ups!
      For those with Firefox, Adblock Plus is a great tool to block the pop-ups. AdBlock Plus is free and will help with all sites that have annoying ads.
      And yeah, we’ll keep using mirroring hosts to be able to focus on new posts rather than re-ups! 😀


  2. As a special bonus, here’s LP2’s own link to his hi-res (320 kbps) tracked version (separate tracks) of the mixtape! Enjoy!

    (Note: Without the special 4BB front & back covers!)

    Read more about this on our “About” page.


    LP2, we are so happy to have you on board. This mix is killer!

    Hope you all like the new diggs!


  4. will be checking this weekly and great to have my 4BB fix satisfied again! keep it rolling and thanks for all the hard work.

  5. Glad to see you guys back!!
    I really missed 4BB not just for the treats but for the informative posts and your genuine enthusiasm for great music.



  6. same here, greatly appreciate for the hard work and keeping in touch with loyal readers! been there from the start, and glad to be here again for another journey for musical insight and history.

  7. Right on LP2, thanks for the share and Soul Brotha for keepin it going!

  8. You’ve been gone too long. Damn glad to know you’re back. 4BB lives!

  9. Yay! So glad you’re back in the world.

    Plus, your new graphic look is really awesome. Congrats to all!

  10. Hello, please send us your name and email as Blak’s Lair is going private.

    Congrats on the new blog and the mixtape. If it is anything like Lafayette’s Grateful The Mixtape then it’s gonna be a winner!

  11. And I thought you guys were gone for good!!! Glad to have you back!!

  12. Glad to have ya’ll BROTHERS back! You have been missed.

  13. woooh! its beeen a while, but im definitely happy that you guys are back! cheers folks! lookin forward to read the amazing posts again 🙂

  14. Great to see you back! The world’s been less funky without you. Hope everything works out well, and I know there’s lots of others hoping the same.

  15. brothas back in town..welcome back peeps…see ya…good u back..peace 1

  16. Somebody give me a tissue! This just too beautiful.
    The bruhs are back pimp slapping the music like before!. Welcome back!
    Really missed ya.

    Wholeness ya’ll

  17. First off let me say welcome back to 4BB, it was a long wait but I was blessed to be a part of 4BB’s fam in the first place so it was well worth the wait…. A big shout to LP2 and Flippin’, it’s all family….. Love the gems of knowledge you guys always drop, music is just a piece of the puzzle…. Thanks for all the effort you guys put forward, much respect….


  18. First off let me say welcome back to 4BB, it was a while but I was blessed to be a part of the family in the first place so it was well worth it…. next, a special shout to LP2 and Flippin’, welcome guys…. just wanna say thanks for all the effort you guys put into 4BB, its much apprieciated…..

    Much respect,

  19. Feels good to be here…It´s cozy and funky! Thanks to the 4BB fam who works non-stop in order to provide you with the best.

    I would also like to thank our fellow brothers from some other blogs, since some of the music used for this mix was featured on their very own page (giving props where props is due!) 😉

    Thanks also to all the people getting involved and posting feedback on the blog. I just went to bed, woke up and see all the responses (I´m feeling jetlag…). Thanks to all the brothers and sisters who don´t sleep and share their love of the good music!

    Everybody is back now…Let´s jam!!!!


  20. yay, welcome back! nice to hear from some old friends.

    With all the stuff goin’ down everywhere at the moment it really seemed like good news was strictly out of fashion.
    Then we get this.
    I’d almost forgotten what smilin’ felt like, but now the stupid grin is back on my ugly mug.
    I speak for the whole fam when I say “It’s soooo great to have you back guys”
    -and I like what you’ve done with the place…..

  22. So glad to see you guys are back…

    thanks for everything

  23. Yes Yo, what a good news to start my day! 4BB’s Back 4 mo’ Beats to Be!

  24. YES! a hell of a way to start the day!
    welcome back bros. sho’ is funky in here…AGAIN

  25. I’m now unemployed,so i must thank you the 4bb return ,you made my day(usually i had no good news).Thank you for being there .

  26. 4BB’s finally back on track! Yeah, that was the happiest mail I got this week [:-)
    The new spot just looks awesome, thanks for all the hard work and looking forward to the fresh stuff y’all -without-a-doubt- gonna bring to our ears!
    peace, E-mile

  27. Welcome back! Many blogs around, but it’s rare to find one that is so abundant of both great music and interesting background info.

  28. Fannnnnnnnntastic to see you guys back again!
    Simon (neverenoughrhodes)

  29. I won’t call it a comeback since brothers have been around for years… Good to see everyone back in action for sure!

  30. Hey LP2, props on a great mixtape, love the transitions, great stuff.

  31. Hey I dropped a comment down on ‘Black Ruby’ as well, but I think that post has moderation on ..

  32. This is niiiiice. I thought 4BB was history, but NOOOO NONONO. 🙂

  33. Damn it feels good to be back! Thanks for all of the love folks!!! LP2 this mix is dope! Peace & Blessings to all the wonderful readers and the new & old “brothers”. ~Ark1

  34. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

    The day we were all waiting for has finally come. The Family is on board………
    Feels nice to have you back brothers.

  35. Welcome back. We’ve missed you! Thanks for the mix

  36. Laf,
    Thank you,

  37. This is exciting news indeed! Welcome back, I’m very excited to see all the great new posts you guys have coming up!

  38. Thank goodness! I can’t wait to see the posts start coming!

  39. Welcome back 4BB! I can get my funk fix again haha. Thanks for the mix! Keep up the great work!


    I’ve missed you. Exciting news about what you’re planning for the new site.

    Thanks for spreading the music to all corners of the world.

  41. It’s good to have you back!
    Waitin’ for new discoveries for next weeks.

  42. Glad to see y’all back!!! You were missed very much and it’s a pleasure to be able to see what you have to offer in both music and information. Site looks MUCH better too!

  43. Sorry it took so long for me to say hello to each and every one of you, especially to LP2 and Flippin’. Welcome aboard 🙂

    I’ll see you all next week with more of the good stuff.

    Peace and blessings.

  44. A warm welcome back guys! You have been sorely missed!

  45. What a good news, you make my day shine !

    Thank you !

  46. This mix is fuckin’ HOT!!! Tremendous job… and the art is AMAZING. I love the clever manipulation of the album cover.

    This is definitely the start of something really special.

    Peace and blessings.

  47. great your back

  48. Can’t wait to hear this LP2!

  49. Laf, Soulbrother, Akane1, Chef, LP2, Flippin…and Family!!!


    Indeed, this is the next level.


    Welcome back guys, this looks like it’s going to be better than ever!!!!

  51. Very good news… I’ve been checking the old blog so often, expecting a rebirth following this sudden disappearrence… Well next time you leave please lay a word on the table… (or a rose on the pian it’s up to you)

    Anyway good to see you back, I’m just pointing two remarks as when everybody is soooo positive that I always feel like playing the devil’s advocate;
    – the wordpress layout is awsome even if the contextual popup are annoying…
    – A straight rapidshare link would be a good thing too (even protected), because the massmirror step is full of ads, popups and “skip this ad” and contrast so badly with the classy layout of BB’s….

    Anyway thanks again peeps !


  52. yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh booooooooooyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee……..
    “good to be working with proper villains again….”


  53. i agree with dubs the massmirror step is full of ads and pop ups and skip this ad bullshit. just a straight rapidshare would be so much better. props

  54. This mix is something sick. Been a long day, week, life. Kickin back to some good music is exactly what I need. Much respect!

  55. Man, what a day: Full of labour, sorrows and some other kind of sickness. But then the day’s highlight: An invite to the brother’s new site. This really saved my day. Thanks heaven, YOU’RE BACK!! And what a comeback this is: Your new design looks fantastic, the shared sounds are great as they used to be on your former sites. Please stay with us for a long time full of good music and informations about it. This is the only thing that counts, so: WELCOME BACK GUYS!!!

  56. Thanks for the album. Much appreciated.

  57. Great news !!!

  58. really excellent to see you guys back in action. this was the first blog i ever truly followed. i look forward to watching the new blog grow into something beautiful. peace and welcome home!

  59. What a wonderful surprise! Its been way to long. I had just about given up on your return. I thought the 4BB’s were gone for good. Its good to see your back, hope all is well with you and your families…. Very excited about the new & improved 4BB’s. To the new contributers LP2 and flippin. “Whats Good” You’ve got a difficult job keeping up with Laf, Soulbrother, Akane1, and the Chef, but you’ll be fine. The 4BB’s dont half step, so I figure you guys will follow suit! Laf, you guys sure have come a long way. Its amazing!

  60. WOW!! All I got to say is its about DAMN time!! Welcome back Brothers. You’ve been truly missed. Much Thanks For the Mix Bros!!

  61. Too long, brothers – for all the wondrous soul blogs out there gracing the binary-sphere – the ‘soul house’ is now a home again !!

  62. Wooh!! Yes!! Thank you for coming back…….you have made my day and night!!

  63. 4BB…..I’m not sure whether to say welcome back or congrats on your new home, So I’ll just say that it’s good to see you cats still out here doing your thing and doing it well might I add. I took a breif break from posting over at san pasquale but after coming back and revisiting some of my favorite blogs to see how far they have progressed (including 4BB), I feel a deep sense of urgency to get back on my order of operations and dig into the crates for something to post. I have always admired you guys here for your appreciation of great music and the knowledge contained within your archives. Keep layin’ it down brothers!



  64. Great news, welcome back to all the crew and thanks to LP2 for this fantastic mixtape

  65. Gentlemen (and you too Soulbrotha):

    WELCOME BACK!!! Your musical knowledge and the ‘hotness’ of the fine music selections you choose to share with us has been sorely missed.

    Long live the 4BB!

  66. This is proof that good things comes to those who wait. You’re the Baddest Brothers out there and don’t Y’all know it too!! Glad to see the family growing and hot mixtapes being part of the game. Love 4 tha music is where it’s at. Love from Blaxploitationpride.org

  67. 4BB are my heros. This is the BEST site I’ve found recently. I LOVE YOU!!!

  68. Welcome Back 4BB’s! As you were one of the very first blog’s I was fortunate enough to stubble across in my *rare music* searches on the internet It’s good to see you *all* back on the scene and giving us the Best that you’ve got.

    The “new look” and lay-out is very classy and unique. *BigUP’s* to your designer.
    I also like your “blogroll” Very considerate of you to add that list of Great Bloggers!
    *Special shout-out* to JC! I believe he’s a very genuine soul-connoisseur over at BlogSportSoul !

    Looking forward to the weeks ahead for more Soul-Funk classics & rarities.

    On the Old School end…
    DJ Broadway

  69. the brothers worked it out!

  70. Thank the gods yall have returned. Made my week…

  71. The e-mails I receive on a regular basis are usually spam with the occasional e-mail from family or friends. I was happily surprised to find an e-mail from 4BB, lettting me know that the brothers are back. Love the new digs, and I look forward to hearing some new joints from you guys.

    Thanks, Kevin


  72. Thanks. great post.

  73. Thank you kindly sirs…

  74. Hey Brothers!!!

    And company too of course. Shouts out to everyone else too. I’ve missed you all. I was just too excited when that link opened and finally I got a response other than the dreaded 4BB was private.

    I was beginning to think the time out was getting good to you and you guys were having second thoughts about coming back! I’m so glad you didn’t.

    Love the new joint. Thanks so much for fixin’ it up for us. Looking forward to the good sounds ahead. It’s so good to have you back.

  75. You’re back! – What a relief… I was worried sick! – You didn’t call, didn’t leave a note, I was going out of my mind…….. I’m glad you’re alright tho, and it’s nice to have you back….. the place hasn’t been the same without you!


  76. thought you guys were gone for good. thank god you’re back! looking forward to the sounds.

  77. Again thanks and its great to have the brothers back!

  78. Welcome back. Thank you, beautiful music

  79. Thanks 4BB

  80. Checking this one out, thanks!

  81. great. found you guys again. woo hoo!

  82. […] downloads includes his “4BB theme”). LP2 was also the mastermind behind the fantastic Phoenix – The Resurrection Mixtape – celebrating 4BB’s return to the blogosphere back in April. And I’m pretty sure you […]

  83. […] already) don’t miss out on his excellent “Phoenix – The Mixtape” (available here) that we posted for the 4BB Weekly opening back in […]

  84. […] downloads includes his “4BB theme”). LP2 was also the mastermind behind the fantastic Phoenix – The Resurrection Mixtape – celebrating 4BB’s return to the blogosphere back in April. And I’m pretty sure you […]

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