Week 16: Sticky

By: Ark1

Apr 13 2009

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Hello everyone!

I hope that your weekend was pleasant and relaxing. First and foremost, I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to the “extremely old” Soul Brotha, whose birthday was last week. You could ask him how old he is now…but he may not have his hearing aid or reading glasses on, so I doubt he will respond any time soon. (Just kidding…this highly appreciated and esteemed member of 4BB hasn’t aged a day since Marvin Gaye started wearing pants!) :¬)

It’s spring time, the weather is getting warmer finally and I figured the 4bees’ knees could bring a little honey your way to sweeten things up a bit. Inspired by LP2’s flattering “4BB Phoenix” mixtape (jump approx. 20 minutes into it, and you’ll understand) I dug up “Soulful Tapestry”, a wonderful slab of Hot Wax/Invictus magic from 1971.

Honey Cone is definitely one of my favorite female soul groups to surface during the 70’s. I only wish that they had recorded and released more material before disbanding in 1972. Oh well, I guess we should be thankful for what we got right? Especially in these days and times! Although you can find just about all of the tracks from this album on greatest hits compilations, some folks like to hear it in its original format with the original album cover. So, here it is folks…Honey Cone “Soulful Tapestry”.

Now, let’s all enjoy these three lovely ladies doing their thing in “Want Ads” – probably their most well-known song of this album and one of my personal favourites (video clip courtesy of Malesh)!

And here’s some additional information on the album that I found over at Wikipedia:


Honey Cone – Soulful Tapestry (1971): The name of the album was based on and inspired by Carole King’s Pop/Rock break-through 1971 album “Tapestry.” The album contained the group’s three highest charting singles including; the funky soul upbeat number “Want Ads” – in the vein of The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” this single became the group’s highest charting single and biggest single of their career hitting number one in April, 1971; “Stick Up” – a similar follow up to “Want Ads,” the song peaked at number eleven in the US in August, 1971; and “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (Pt. 1)” – a Latin flavoured slam at a lover gone cold with similar chord progressions akin to The Isley Brothers’ 1962 hit Twist & Shout, a number fifteen hit in November, 1971.

Lyrically, the material was quietly instrumental in developing the message of female empowerment through song. With the aggressive funk music fronted by lead singer, Edna Wright’s gospel growl, and lyrics centered around love abandoned and love found, female commentary on modern relationships was becoming less out-of-place. Other notable moments on the album include “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (Pt. 2)” – an instrumental to the first part, the gospel-inspired “Who’s It Gonna Be?,” the gritty ballad “All The King’s Men,” and the funky bass-driven ballad “The Day I Found Myself.”

Though out of print, like the group’s other releases, all of the tracks on this album are featured on Honey Cone’s “Soulful Sugar: The Complete Hot Wax Recordings” (2001, Castle Music UK).


For a complete rundown of the Honey Cone ladies – check this out!

There’s some really affordable vinyl copies of the album available here – and a more expensive sealed copy right here! The 2001 compilation “Soulful Sugar” mentioned earlier is out of stock, but some $49.99 copies are still for sale here!

UPDATE: Good news! The “Soulful Sugar” compilation is available in iTunes Music Store…at least in all European countries (not in the States!?)…including their complete Hot Wax recordings! So if you’re lucky enough to have this available to you – buy now! Can’t really find a better way to spend £7.99 (if you’re like in the UK that is)!

Happy Birthday, SB!


50 comments on “Week 16: Sticky”

  1. Awesome post, Arkane1 – and a great album! Now, all of you – please leave a comment and share your opinion on the post…and while at it, why not congratulate SB some more! 🙂

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  2. hell yes!!!
    and Happy BD SB!
    now go get ’em

  3. Will grab this one tomorrow from a faster download space but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOULBROTHA!!!

  4. Thanks arkane1 for this great blast from the past!
    I don’t have even one Honey Cone album. 45’s but no albums so this ones special for me. Thanks again.

    Also, a Happy Belated Birthday to you Soul Brotha and wishin’ you many more to come!

  5. i was gonna post this at my spot next week. you guys beat me to the punch! great LP

  6. Definitely a great album! Sorry about screwing with your posts, Cos! 🙂
    We prolly should start synchronizing our schedules…


  7. Can’t stop wanting to call them the Honey Cones for some reason – great LP Arkane1. Happy B, SB – ‘Keep on Keepin’ On’

  8. ohhhhhhhhh!

    What a wonderful way to celebrate SB´s birthday.

    Great album, definitely a must have

    Thanks brothers!

  9. Thanks for the LP2 and this new share ; you are the best. I discover a great tune in lp2 mixtape : “mama” : very wonderful. Thanks

    • The A-side of this 45 is called “Wayward Dream”… I´d simply recommend you to listen to it (it´s on Youtube). 😉

  10. Yeah!many thankz,very nice!!!!!!
    Thankz 4 your job!!!

  11. back to the books… but not before I give it up to Ark for another tremendous post, and a nice tie-in to what I posted over at my other spot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


    I’ve got a slew of Honey Cone 45s too, so I relate well to bowlisha1 🙂 and speaking of 45s, Laffy, I’ll have the first zip file for you by week’s end…

    Peace and blessings.

    p.s. You already got your present, Soulbrotha 😛

  12. Great LP!! Happy Belated B-Day Soul Brotha!! Much Thanks 4BB For the Honey Cone.

  13. Well, alright!

  14. Thanks. Much appreciated. Also a Happy Birthday to SB. Enjoy your day.

  15. Keep up the great work brothers! The revamped blog is on fire!

  16. This is straight fire thanks!

  17. Hello 4BB,
    thanks for the invite…
    this is is the first album of your new posted i’m trying to download,
    but i didn’t understand yet how it now works….
    thanks anyway! maybe i’ll catch later on

    • Hey, Kosta!
      Try again! It’s easy when you get the hang of it….all you need is the password (that you’ll find here) and if you still have problems – hit me up and I promise to sort you out! 🙂


  18. Thanks to Arkane for the smokin’ post and to everyone for the birthday wishes! 😀

  19. Thanks guys. Happy bday soul brotha

  20. Thanks for this very instructive post

  21. Honey Cone jams have been well-sampled as of late.

    • Yeah, definitely…the most obvious one is prolly Kanye West using some of their “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” for Common’s “Testify” (which was on “Be”, right?!) Just check out the first seconds of this clip here! But hey, don’t stop there – the rest of it is well worth watching too! 🙂

      • I found another sample on one of their albums. I keep updated when I get a chance to re-listen to it

  22. Happy Belated, man. Thanks for the album.

  23. Thank You very much! Exellent album!
    And congratulations with this new blog!!!

  24. Thanks for sharing Arcane & 4BB! Another gem!

  25. killer, killer post. . . happy birthday brotha

  26. Thanks again to all for the birthday wishes! I love our fam!! 🙂

  27. Man i’m SOOOOOOOOO glad that y’all brothas are back around…..i feel alive again! Thank you! Happy born day Soulbrotha!

  28. first and foremost happy bornday SB!!!! Secondly great album!!! keep up the good work fellas!!!

  29. This looks dope cant wait to hear it..Thanks


  31. Brother Arkane1,

    what a “soulful” come back! Definitely one of the best female soul groups of the early ’70s and this one is my favourite of their albums.

    Happy birthday Soul Brotha!

  32. Yeah , I love this group,thanks for another great taste. did you guys know they were on the first soul train show too? Keep up the great work with this blog.

  33. Another awesome album! Thanks again Arkane1 & 4BB!

  34. Thanks for this great clip.

  35. Yo… I am so glad to have you all back. Been too long. The knowledge you guys spread was a big void while you were gone. So much appreciation for returning to the masses.

  36. Thanks! Good to see you back!

  37. Thanks for an excellent lp! Nice to have you back.

  38. thanks for this one, the new site is killer! happy belated soul brotha!

  39. Woo-Hoo!!!
    Week 16 – I’m working my way backwards – only 15 weeks to go!
    Hot-damn I love your posts! Haven’t heard this LP before, but knowing your tastes, I’m sure it’ll be the shiznit!

  40. thank you superb album

  41. Wow,i only could get a best of,so i can’t believe the gems you find.Thanks a million.

  42. Love the new site, glad to have you back!!!

  43. Thank you for this as well! Can’t wait to hear this! Happy belated belated bday SB!

  44. love this music…much appreciated

  45. Thanks for posting this beautiful music for us all to discover. Keep up the great work. Peace…

  46. finally getting back on track with you guys… oooh, yeah! tastes soooo good!


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