Week 29: Forever Love

By: Vincent the Soul Chef

Jul 15 2009

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Category: 1980


Hello, kiddies.

Before I begin, I have to give it up for our fearless leader for keeping the weekly hit parade going strong. I am still bombarded with the usual real life issues, as well as a lack of new vinyl to share if you can believe that. I plan to rectify that situation in the coming weeks, but for now I must take a little time out to remember one of R&B’s many fallen heroines.

I was reminded by my good friend Ms. Merising that yesterday marked the thirtieth anniversary of the untimely passing of my all time favourite AntiDiva, Minnie Riperton. With that said, I just had to do a tribute post. I know it’s been posted elsewhere, and is available on CD nowadays…still, I just had to rip my vinyl. So, here for your listening pleasure is the posthumous 1980 release, “Love Lives Forever”, and as you may have already guessed, I believe it does.

The vocal tracks for this recording were done during Minnie’s painful bout with breast cancer in 1978. After her death, the tracks were taken to Hollywood Sound and given some extra special treatment. To round out the production, many of the day’s top artists contributed their talents, including Peabo Bryson, Tom Scott, Stevie Wonder, Patrice Rushen and the late Michael Jackson, just to name a few (hard to believe that I just said that, huh?). Most of you should be familiar with the tune “Here We Go” (click to preview), a Quiet Storm staple which cracked the top 15 on the Billboard R&B charts.

UPDATE! Our Minnie Tribute post now also includes a special bonus track (new link in the comments) – a 25 minute long 1975 radio show interview with Minnie – courtesy of Soulbrotha, who tells it like this:


This past Christmas, I met a guy who worked at a Philly record store who told me he had all this amazing vinyl that he was reluctantly selling. Long story short, he had a bunch of crap with the exception of this oddity that I had never heard of before. It seems that back in the 70’s, the U.S. Army Reserve’s private radio station had a segment called Rap N’ Rhythm, the “rap” in the title not referring to hiphop but to interview segments with the current soul stars of the day, interspersed with their music. These segments were later pressed onto vinyl.

The show’s host was known as Al Gee and he would conduct interviews with top acts like The Dramatics, Tavares and Tamiko Jones to name a few. One of the artists he spoke with was Minnie Riperton – an interview which ironically took place exactly 34 years ago yesterday!

Now let me just say for the record that Al Gee has got to be the lamest interviewer ever. Poor Minnie. He asks her the most mundane and insipid questions, all the while doing his best (worst!) Billy Dee Williams impression in what sounds like an effort to woo Ms. Riperton, who you can tell is having none of it! Listen closely to her slighty exasperated answer to his stupid question “How do you do that with your voice?”  Through it all though, it’s just wonderful to hear Ms. Minnie’s beautiful voice, both speaking and singing. Enjoy!


Thanks, SB! This rare interview makes a fantastic addition to our tribute to Minnie – making it all the more special, since the white label vinyl from where it’s taken is impossible to come by!

OK, not much else to say about this one, but I just had to come correct and recognise. As far as where to get a copy of this sorely underappreciated classic, it’s as easy as a click of the mouse. (Vinyl afficionados really should opt for this still sealed copy for under $45!) In addition, for those of you who have access to TV One, be sure to check out the show “Unsung” too. They did an outstanding job with her story, including interviews with her widower and children. Click here for more info. In case you can’t get TV One in your neck of the woods, here’s a little something for you to whet your whistle.

Until the next time we meet, I hope to have some more of the good stuff – but in the meantime, “close your eyes and remember…” Have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

(Ps. If you want to know more about Minnie and to listen to more of her music – and there’s plenty of it – there’s a two part AntiDiva special on Minnie over at Fufu Stew that I did two years ago to celebrate her 60th birthday!)

38 comments on “Week 29: Forever Love”

  1. Thank you, Vincent (and MsMerising), for helping us remember! And SB for the wonderful interview! Now, please leave a comment – share your opinions, on the post and/or the album, with us!

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  2. You know I’m a little teary, Vincent…can’t help it. Minnie’s voice, spirit and talent never fails to touch countless souls. So, please, fellow Minnie fans, “Take a little trip” today – “Close your eyes and remember” our “Perfect Angel” (and also Phyllis Hyman who passed away 14 years ago on June 30th).



  3. As always, thanks for the HUGE assist Laf!!! 🙂

  4. Just saw the Minnie tribute on TV-One about 90 minutes ago and then I come on here and find this….sweet!

  5. Thanks Vincent and Laff!

  6. Brother Vince and Mr.M,

    I simply adore Minnie. Her debut album is one of my fav albums ever and everything she recorded with Rotary Connection is perfect. Especially “Hey Love” LP.
    We will always remember one of soul music’s most unique and unforgettable voices.

  7. Great album, thank you very much

  8. Many thanks Guys – Lovely LP!

  9. Much Thanks Soul Chef!! Minnie was definitely one of my favorites. She is greatly missed by many.

  10. Many Thanks for this post !

  11. OK…all of you need to get the new, updated link above…which now includes SB’s rip of a 1975 interview with Minnie! A must have for all of you!


  12. You ain’t ever lied, SB… This Al Gee needs a crash course in interviewing. But who cares about him, I love the fact that Minnie was able to look past his apparent “idiot-synchrocies” and tell it like it is. Thanks for the add…

    Peace and blessings.

    P.S. For those that don’t know, the song snippets in the disc come from “Adventures In Paradise”, another must-have from the rich catalogue, and available everywhere! Please pick up a copy.

  13. Wow ! The voice…
    Big thank you

  14. ‘Mr” @ Nikos!

    I hear you. I will NEVER forget playing my vinyl copy of “Come to my Garden”. I remember it like it was yesterday. I managed to cop the Rotary Connection catalogue while living in Vancouver. So many wickid psych albums they had there back in the day *sigh*

    I’m looking forward to hearing the interview no matter how insipid I is. I am working on my own Minnie-related articles. Beginning stages (ALOT of folks to interview) but I hope when its eventually unveiled you all will enjoy the extra insights into the making of Minnie’s art.




  15. A great postumous album from one of the best…………..she has definitely inspired me in my music production! I first came across her music by trying to find out what sample did tribe called quest use for “Lyrics To Go” and when I found out it was the great song Inside My Love behind it, I was immediately hooked! What greatness! Now if i could only somehow get the copy of her first album on capitol “Minnie”, I would be set!(LOL!!) Thanks 4 bros

  16. Thanks!

    Love the way you put the “sticker” on the LP for the bonus material… 🙂

  17. so much thanks for this!!! wonderful way to remember one of the true greats!!!

  18. Looking forward to listening. Thanks.

  19. There are two dates in the soul calendar that will always mean the most to me because they occurred in my teens at not a great distance from one another – and both profound tragedies that struck me with that realisation that we all gain at some time about the fragility of life. That being the passing of Mr Hathaway and Ms Riperton. I remember Minnie being a big exponent for the Cancer Awareness Campaign during her illness, and still maintaining quite a high profile as a result.

    I’m not sure how long this LP took to come out, but I remember they took a lot of time over it to ensure it was a quality product, and not a crude cash-in. I for one was extremely impressed by what they managed to achieve, given the fact that she hadn’t recorded full tracks. The duets seemed seemless, and the added production value faultless.

    She was a real ambassador for our music – a songwriter and songbird who had helped bridge the rock and soul movements so gracefully with Rotary Connection – and scored a series of solo albums (from ‘Come to my garden’ to ‘Adventures’) that are amongst the greatest ever made. A voice and style that could make you laugh and break you with equal ease.

    My faves are the funky funky ‘Strange affair’ (should have been huge), ‘Here we go’ and ‘Give me time’.

    With special mention for the ‘I’m in love again’ track featuring Michael J in respectful, restrained mode – gorgeous.

    Excellent post Vincent – I will certainly be grabbing a slice of that interview, thank you very much !

    • Not a problem, Trakbuv… In all actuality, the record was pieced together fairly quick. I was but a child myself when I heard the news; her Capitol debut (“Minnie”) and the subsequent single “Memory Lane” had only been out for a few weeks or so before her death. Props must go to her widower Mr. Rudolph for insuring that the finished product was tastefully done.

      I am in total agreement with you that she did produce music that was light years ahead of its time, especially her work with Rotary Connection. I still contend that she was the godmother of the Neo-Soul movement. One listen to Rotary’s “Songs” or “Adventures In Paradise” is proof positive… imagine what she’d be bringing to the table had she lived… I for one feel that Mariah Carey would have had to rethink her strategy. Just one man’s opinion 🙂

      Peace and blessings.

  20. Oh, and thanks to MsM as well !!

  21. Oh, and Soulbrotha for the interview !!!

  22. Thanks for sharing guys!

  23. Sorry Laf – done given up all my thanks already

  24. Laf,

    wassup boss, it been MOONS.

    I was simply cyber surfing for some Minnie album info. and low and behold I find you.


    thanks to you, Vincent and all the others brothers for sharing.

    All the best.

    king beef

  25. Thanks 4 the love brothers.

    King Beef has beening busy spinning funk and jazz at a few lounges.

    I am back to contribute and build with everyone.

    Hope you all don’t mind this…

    Be cool ya’ll…

    DJ Spinna – Best Of Sade Mix


    Track List

    01. By Your Side
    02. Bullet Proof Soul
    03. Cherish The Day ( Pal Joey Remix )
    04. Feel No Pain ( Nellee Hooper Remix )
    05. Noordinary Love
    06. Is It A Crime
    07. Love Is Stronger ThanPride ( Mad Professor Remix )
    08. War Of The Hearts ( DJ Spinna Refreak )
    09. The Sweetest Taboo
    10. Siempre Hay Esperanza
    11. Keep Looking
    12. Super Bien Total
    13. Kiss Of Life
    14. Cherry Pie
    15. Maureen
    16. Turn My Back On You
    17. Paradise
    18. Nothing Can Come Between Us
    19. Hang On To Your Love
    20. Give It Up
    21. Smooth Operator
    22. Red Eye

    • as the newest member of the 4BB team, allow me to say that it is a pleasure to have you back among us. I’m sure I’ve crossed paths with you before during the Blogspot days, but now is a new day, and boy does this Sade joint look yummy 🙂

      Thanks for sharing with us! If you ever feel froggy, I’d be thrilled to have you spread some of your “royal” magic with my friends over at Fufu Stew as well. See kiddies, it’s all about the spirit of community here, and that’s why I love it here!

      Peace and blessings.

  26. thanks for this one! I love minnie, but not sure if i’ve heard these cuts! blessings!

  27. thank you!!!!

  28. aww man, this is just the best & the Al gee interview was such a joy to hear.


  29. wounderful thanks

  30. Love you Minnie.

  31. Many thanks for writing “Week 29: Forever
    Love 4BB | Album Of The Week”. I reallymay definitely end up being
    back again for much more reading through and writing comments soon enough.

    Many thanks, Nila

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