Week 44: JT Reprise

By: Lafayette

Nov 01 2009

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Greetings, friends!

Since I’m kept really busy with the 4BB/Damn Remix Competition right now (well, that and my day job), Week 44 offers a re-run from the old 4 Brothers Beats blog…which definitely doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

We did a full discography post on funky flautist Joe Thomas a couple of years ago – and to my happy surprise several of his albums have been remastered and reissued since then…but not his “Here I Come” LP from 1977! So the choice for this weeks post was real simple. But hey, before we get started…if you aren’t up to speed on JT and his music, you’d better have a quick look at this quite sketchy bio over at AMG. OK then…you ready?

From the vaults of 4BB – originally posted back in late December 2007, 30 years after the albums original release – here’s Joe Thomas!


1977’s “Here I Come” is Joe Thomas seventh full length LP, and for some odd reason it seems to be one of his lesser known albums – still, after a quick brush up listen I don’t really see how this could be possible! Because this Sonny Lester produced gem could very well be JT’s strongest, most even album to date – definitely suitable for an “all killer, no filler” description! Smoothly amazing from start to finish!

And it’s a goldmine from a beatmaker’s point of view too…due to the suave orchestration, great arrangements and cool production – handled by the trio Brad Baker, Lance Quinn & Sonny Lester! Just listen to cuts like “Green Dragon”, “Gotcha” and “A Place In Space” and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Hey, I’ve already found at least two clearly recognizable fragments used by Madlib! And Black Spade uses parts of JT’s “Gotcha” on the track “Revolutionary Bullshit” off his upcoming debut album “To Serve With Love” – damn good album too, easily the best this year (or maybe next?), make sure to pick that one up!

Here’s a quick preview of my favourite track off the album, the smooth “A Place In Space” – together with a cover art exposé of all the Joe Thomas albums in my vinyl collection:

All through “Here I Come”, Joe alternates between the tenor sax and his flute for the solos – and is frequently joined by both Jimmy Ponder’s guitar and Paul Griffin’s synthesizer, which makes this album funkier and more varied than many of his previous outings! You’ll really like this one – I promise!

Dustygroove.com says:
One of Joe’s sweeter and smoother sessions of the 70s – a record that takes the core horn sound of his Ebony Godfather years, and fuses it with some larger backings directed by Brad Baker (of B Baker Chocolate Company fame!) The sound actually works well for Joe – and has him playing in a style that’s a lot like the Kudu work of Grover Washington – stretching solos out over electric rhythms that have a smooth but funky style. Titles include “Green Dragon”, “Same Old Song”, “Place In Space”, “Gotcha”, and “Here I Come”.

Never re-issued on CD, but the original vinyl is for sale here! And the great 1994 Joe Thomas CD compilation “Plato’s Retreat And Other Funky Delights” has been reissued again, and is even available as MP3’s right here – just go get it!


Props to Soulbrotha for hooking me up with a re-rip of “A Place In Space” for this post, but first and foremost – Joe Thomas…thank you for the music!

(PS. Oh, yeah! All you beatmakers out there – remember that the deadline for the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition is on Sunday, November 8th…so get cracking, don’t be late! :¬D)

26 comments on “Week 44: JT Reprise”

  1. Here’s a healthy dose of JT for your ears! Please remember to leave a comment on the post – we thrive on your feedback!

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  2. HOLY MOLY What a gem!!! I finally had some free time to kick back with my daughter and jam out to a few albums (i now have quite a backlog!!) I missed this the first time around.. This album is a freaking jam!!! Here I come is straight up funky madness one that will be on heavy rotation for sure!! Solid funky bass in gotcha and that flute is amazing.. I LOVE instrumental albums so much … place in space is such a fun groove with that synth with the crazy vibrato and great horns and flute solo.
    Side b is terrific too !!!! I love same old song… Great Stuff! thank you

  3. Even though I submitted a track, I neglected to get the entire album when posted the first time around. I sure wish you had posted this one before the summer, cuz this sounds like a stone cold summertime groover! Thankee! 🙂

  4. Yep, I missed it too… must have been a real early post. In any event, adding it to the playstack. Thanks gents.

    Peace and blessings.


  6. Won’t hold that against any of you…water under the bridge! 🙂
    Then again, if somebody does something as funky as this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4HpdKQBb1Y you’re bound to check out just about everything else he’s ever done, right?


  7. thank you very much for this gem!

  8. This album definitely needed a re-up! A true gem

    Thanks 🙂

  9. many thanks Laf i got ‘ebony godfather’ but never heard this one. That sample is so funky i don’t know why i slept on this. Thanks a million, you guys never disappoint.

  10. You’re welcome, Andre!
    Most of Joe’s albums have at least a couple of interesting tracks…my all-time favourite album is his “Joy Of Cookin'” from 1974 – really a must-own album for all y’all! 😀

  11. So sweet! Me like it very muchly! Thanks yet again guys!

  12. Not very familiar with Joe Thomas but I saw Jimmy Ponder’s name and Paul Griffin and I had to check it out! Good Job! lol

  13. Thanks Laf, and I gotta agree witjh you on “Joy Of Cookin'”. I think I copped it from the old 4BB site. Must own indeed.

  14. Lovely lp indeed guys – really enjoyed it!

    many thanks as always…

  15. Cheers, the sound of me weekend sorted!

  16. been a minute since i’ve dropped in. glad 2 c ur still hard at it. peace and thanks.

  17. Super sweet! Many thanks!

  18. thanks for this one! been away for a bit but glad to be back in this great musical community. striving for peace in the new year!

  19. A great post , thanx for sharing this gem, love u

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