Special: 4BB/Damn! Remix Entries

OK, so this is where you can listen to all the 21 entries in the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009! And this is probably where it’s most suitable to thank all the participants for their time and effort put into this project…mad props to each and every one of you for helping us having this much fun! You’re all winners in our book! Thank you!

But before you go to the remixes below, make sure to listen to the original Damn! songs first – “Get Your Grown Man On” (top) and “Headstone” (below):


ENTRY #1: Get Your Headstone On (Orca Remix)

First out is Orca, a beatmaker from Saint Avold, France – and his “Mighty Bop”-tinged Damn! remix, incorporating both “Get Your Grown Man On” and “Headstone”! For more info, check out his myspace!

ENTRY #2: Get Your Grown Man On (C.H. Remix)

This is Swedish beatmaker C.H.’s take on “Get Your Grown Man On” – minimalistic yet bumpin’! For more info, check out his myspace or his remix blog!

ENTRY #3: Get Your Headstone (Dr. J Remix)

Next up is Dr. John Sealy (yep, he’s a real doctor!) from Exeter, Devon in the UK – who also did a combo out of both tracks up for remixing. “I was on a train and only had Final Cut Pro on my laptop, so I remixed with that (real lo-fi, it took like 45 minutes). It’s basic, but you can GROOVE to it!”

ENTRY #4: Headstone (Gorque Remix)

This is Gorque’s remix of “Headstone” – another Swedish beatmaker, who I first bumped into over at the esteemed music blog Yes Yes Y’All. Crackling static, Super Mario bass and a rough beat…what more do you need, really?! Check out more of Gorque’s music on his myspace!

ENTRY #5: Hip Hop (N-Jin/Damn! Remix) & Get Your Grown Man On (N-Jin/NASA Remix Instrumental)

Austrian beatmaker N-Jin tried something a little different – one single entry for two different remix competitions! Creative? Yes, for sure. Fun? Hell, yeah! But I’m not sure that there’s enough Damn! in the first track to keep it in the competition – but I guess there’s no reason for stopping him running with the instrumental version of it! Read more about the N.A.S.A remix competition right here!

ENTRY #6: Headstone (LP2 Remix)

Here’s French/Danish DJ and beatmaker extraordinaire, LP2 (the resident DJ of 4BB Weekly) and his first entry in the competition – a real sunny and laidback version of “Headstone”!

ENTRY #7: Get Your Grown Man On (LP2 Remix)

Hardworking LP2 is first with sending in two entries. This is his funky take on “Get Your Grown Man On”! Now, go check out LP2’s myspace and (if you haven’t already) don’t miss out on his excellent “Phoenix – The Mixtape” (available here) that we posted for the 4BB Weekly opening back in April!

ENTRY #8: Headstone (Deon Remix)

Young Dutch beatmaker Deon flips “Headstone” into a blunted downtempo instrumental…check out more of his work over at his myspace!

ENTRY #9: Get Your Grown Man On (Obie1 Remix)

17 year old Norwegian beatmaker Obie1 (or Ole-Birger Neergård to be exact) is the second competitor to go the full distance and send in two remixes – first out, his soulful rework of “Get Your Grown Man On”!

ENTRY #10: Headstone (Obie1 Remix)

And here’s Obie1’s second entry – a percussive wildstyle rendition of “Headstone”. “I’m not a professional beat-maker or anything, but I’m a big fan of Timbuktu and Damn, and thought it would be a fun challenge to try remixing the Damn-songs”. Now, that’s the right spirit!

ENTRY #11: Get Your Grown Man On (R Styles Remix)

Our old blogger colleague Styles comes correct with this electrofunk rendition of “Get Your Grown Man On”! Go visit his House Of Styles – and say hi from us!

ENTRY #12: Headstone (R Styles Remix)

Yep, it’s another Styles remix…this time a low-riding, G-Funk rework of “Headstone”. Great effort!

ENTRY #13: Get Your Grown Man On (Saft Stockholm Remix)

Next up, Saft Stockholm aka Pimp Mami Producer, big fan of Damn! Swedish producer who “made this remix with a lot of love” and likes to call it “Pimp Mami’s Sweet Talker Remix”. More music and info on the Saft Stockholm myspace!

ENTRY #14: Headstone (Matsbone Connection Remix)

Runaway Swede, Mats Unnerholm and his Matsbone Connection has this to say about their version of “Headstone”: “A great track in it’s original version, I wanted to try to re-do it with a little more ‘edge’ to the beat. The mix is a bit ‘loose’, played live into a 4-track recorder.”

ENTRY #15: Get Your Grown Man On (Gorque Remix)

Gorqe’s back with another funky remix! This time doing his thing to “Get Your Grown Man On”…and I bet that Nikos will be able to spot that sample! Great work!

ENTRY #16: Get Your Grown Man On (Orca Remix)

Orca also delivers a second remix – a flipped out, more house-oriented, take on “Get Your Grown Man On”…you can actually hear that he had a lot a fun doing both his remixes!

ENTRY #17: Get Your Grown Man On (Botnari Roman & Laxa Dub-Fix)

Now here’s a trippy, ambient chill-out dub version of “Get Your Grown Man On” from Romanian beatmakers, Botnari Roman & Laxa! Check them out at their respective myspace pages here and here!

ENTRY #18: Get Your Grown Man On (SLiPro Remix)

Here’s a happy remix of “Get Your Grown Man On” – on a cut-up jazz tip…elegantly executed by beatmaker SLiPro, hailing from Augusta, Georgia! Check out his work here and on his myspace right here!

ENTRY #19: Get Your Grown Man On (Pentmo Remix)

Young beatmaker André Pentmo lives in Malmö, Sweden…which is pretty darn close to where Damn!’s “Let’s Zoom In” album was recorded. This is his laidback version of “Get Your Grown Man On”. For more info on Pentmo, check out his myspace!

ENTRY #20: Headstone (aLiVE Remix)

Beatproducer aLiVE from Cleveland, Ohio sent us this really cool free flowing and bass-heavy remix of “Headstone”! Check out his work with the Muamin Collective here and on his myspace!

ENTRY #21: Get Your Grown Man On (Mofo Trio Remix)

Last but not least, here’s Mofo Trio’s no holds barred, smack over the head rework of “Get Your Grown Man On”…they sent it to us with one simple instruction: “Play it loud!” They also, quite confidently, informed us that their website will be up and running for the finals! (And hey, it was – check them out right here!)


To download all the 21 Damn! remix entries for your offline listening pleasure – click right here!

And once again…big thanks to all participants in the 4BB/Damn Remix Competition 2009! :¬)

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