Special: 4BB/Damn! Remix Jury

This is the the damn jury that ruled the 4BB/Damn Remix Competition 2009. Big thanks to each and every one for taking the time to help us out…much appreciated!


Damn! The BandSvante, Måns, Erik & Måns

Damn! is a pretty tight outfit, so rest assured that Petter, Jens, Gustav and Sven will be involved in all decisions as well! You want to know more about he band, check out the previous post on their 4BB exclusive “Headstone EP” here or their Myspace!

Pope Records/Universal Music: Claes & Christoffer

It’s just damn natural to have the label guys in the jury, right? I mean, who would be better to judge the entries from a creative/business end perspective? They work pretty damn hard on promoting the competition as well…kudos for that!

Music Super Circus: Macke (Chairman #1)

One of Scandinavia’s leading music supervision companies – working with music for commercials, movies, TV, websites and more. Macke, the founder of Music Super Circus (and one of the two chairmen of the jury), is always on the lookout for new talent – so you’d better get your act together! Check out the MSS’s showreel here!

Beatbattle: Chad B. (Chairman #2)

Heavyweight music entrepreneur, writer, blogger and native Clevelander Chad B. is the jury’s second chairman. One of his more recent projects is Beatbattle, the world’s first Twitter-based beatmakers competition: “Promoting the competitive nature of beats internationally”. Check out the Beatbattle producers rules and the ongoing battle here!

Calisoulbrother: Dan

Dan runs the damn finest little record store on the internet, Calisoulbrother Records, out of Santa Monica, CA. Being an avid music fan and a seasoned expert in judging and grading music, we’re damn glad to have him onboard! Now, do yourself a favor – go use his 10% discount coupon right here!

Yes Yes Y’all: Chris

Yes Yes Y’all is the blogosphere’s No. 1 venue for new music – preferably “performed by exciting artists who dare to break out of the typical, labels, genres and stereotypes” – always first with the latest ish! Asking them for jury duty was a given – Chris volunteered in a heartbeat!

Blind I For The Kids: $

Another given when we were about to summon a jury for the Damn! remix competition – hip hop community hotspot Blind I For The Kids! And we were truly honored when Blind I-founder, writer, recording artist and graphic designer Sulaiman (or simply $) stepped up to the bat!

Nalden.net: Nalden

World-renowned social entrepreneur, internet innovator and record label owner Nalden, running one of the world’s coolest websites (you really need to take a day off for a full experience), is the icing on the cake when it comes to this jury – if somebody can pick a winner, no doubt about it, it’s Nalden!

4BB Weekly: Lafayette (Bailiff), Vincent, Arkane1 & Soulbrotha

Of course, the untouchable staff of 4BB Weekly has a saying in these matters as well…and our votes weigh a ton, for sure! Lucky for you, we’re all real easy to please – just remember to make it funky!


4BB, Damn! and all the contestants just can’t thank you enough! :¬)

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