Week 48: Orientation

By: Lafayette

Nov 29 2009

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Hey, all!

The 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009 is over, and it feels kinda comfy to get back into our old weekly format. Once again, congratulations to Gorque – our newly crowned remix champion…and please, a big round of applause for Damn! and all the contestants in the competition! Thank you! And as promised, the “Damn! Remix EP” (including the two original Damn! songs, as well as the six finalist entries) is now available for download right here! Just so you know, the special Remix Competition pages are still up and running – click here to get to the main page…where you’ll find links to the entries, the jury, the prizes etc.

OK, so how do we best celebrate our return to being just about them dusty LPs? Well, how do y’all feel about a rare, dusty 1975 LP with The Directions? This is yet another fine contrib from our “brother in arms”, Paros – and in my humble opinion, a damn fine way to kick things off!

Let’s begin at prestigious Chicago-label Brunswick, led by the legendary Nat Tarnopole (president and owner) – home of fine acts like Jackie Wilson, The Chi-lites, Barbara Acklin, Young-Holt Unlimited and Gene Chandler. Naturally, Nat had plenty of other artists and musicians working for him – like any other label of the time. Not much is known, but I’m sure The Directions wasn’t really signed to the label as a group, but was rather a handful of talented session vocalists working on various Brunswick projects, who befriended a bunch of local session musicians – on this album known as the The Directions Band.

Back in the early 60’s, when Brunswick ran into some image problems with womanizer Jackie Wilson’s extra-marital affairs, Nat Tarnopol had Jackie’s touring manager, mobster Johnnie Roberts, hiring a special guy just to look after Jackie. According to Tony Douglas excellent book “Jackie Wilson – The Man, The Music, the Mob”, published in 2001, the perfect guy for the job was a certain August Sims: “Roberts employed a minder to look after Jackie. He was August Sims, a hulk of a black man weighing around 230 pounds. He provided protection as well as ensuring Jackie made his concert dates – and stayed out of trouble.”

Well, more than 10 years later big August Sims had become one of the regulars hanging around the Brunswick recording studios, and was by now friends with pretty much every one recording for the label. August was also the guy who talked Nat Tarnopol into giving his buddies in The Directions Band, led by bassplayer Tommy Meeks, a chance…and together with vocalists Earl Haskin (baritone), Willie Morrison (lead, tenor), Kenneth Perrey (bass), Howard Hopgood (lead, tenor) and Lawrence Wooden (tenor), they got to cut an album of their own! The production was handled by August’s buddies Benny Clark (writer and arranger) and Willy Bridges (arranger and saxophone player) – who both had been working for Brunswick for years.

What about the end result? Well, apart from being the most sought after 1975 Brunswick release by far (a worn copy of the original LP was sold for over $270 earlier this year), the outcome is best described as “all over the place”…genre-defying and highly varied to say the least. Perfectly arranged vocal group soul mixed with funky instrumentals songs – sweet ballads mixed with great funk cuts…and as a bonus, a couple of instrumental versions of some of the songs! Luckily, the thing that ties it all together is the fact that you actually can hear how much fun The Directions and The Directions Band had recording it all!

My personal favourites on the album are “We Need Love” (beautiful harmony soul), “Copy Cat” (great funky instrumental), “Soup Line” (fast horn-driven funk) and “She’ll Never Say It” (another great group soul track)! If you wanna know why people pay a lot of money for this LP – just listen to this:

So, now that you want to own a copy of the album, you’re wondering where you can lay your hands on the LP, right?! Well, the original vinyl is really hard to find…luckily there seems to be a Japanese CD-reissue (not sure if it’s a bootleg or not) in circulation – there’s a reasonably copy available right here. But the purists shouldn’t be discouraged – keep sifting through them vinyl bins…eventually you’ll strike gold! :¬)

Again, mad props to Paros for supplying us with the good music…but first and foremost, August Sims and The Directions – thank you for the music!

(Ps. Sorry about the delays regarding the weekly updates – we’ll be playing catch up this week for sure! The delays was mainly caused by a complete hard drive crash on my laptop…people, remember to do regular back-up’s!)

23 comments on “Week 48: Orientation”

  1. Another stellar rip from our good friend Paros! Please leave a comment on the post – and while at it, leave some love for the contributor!

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  2. Thank you Paros and Laf! Lookin forward to this one 🙂

  3. Wow – absolutely first rate lp – Thank you so much for the chance to listen to this guys.

    In the words of Paul Whitehouse – BRILLIANT!

    • Thanks, Hooch!
      And yeah, this is a wonderful LP for sure…and the perfect album to make the transition from Remix Competition to business-as-usual! 😉


  4. Thanks again!

  5. Yeah!!!!
    Many Thanks

  6. Glad to see you guys back to your regular format with the posting. Many thanks to Paros & Laf for this lovely gem.

  7. Wow! Am I back in high school? Although this was put out mid 70’s, the sample has a vintage mid-late 60’s Chicago sound. I can just visualize the on-stage moves they would have used if they toured. Thanks Paros and Laf. I think I’ll have a great time thinking about Evelyn and Lavaonne, two actual sisters I dated back then. Oh the memories. 🙂

  8. Unh!! What a sound! Like I said earlier I just love Chicago productions. The snap of the bass and that sheer brilliance in tone. And this band is just rockin’ it! Tight like that. Thanx for making my weekend Guys.

  9. Thank you.

  10. Gotta grab this after that wonderful write-up. Just love how serendipity can bring about the most wonderful recordings by highly trained musicians who would otherwise never have got the break. Something to be said in the current backdrop of wannabes on TV talent shows with so-obviously limited stripes. Once again, The Shed comes good. Many thanks Laf and Paros.

  11. Wow. Just Wow! Thanks for this beautiful sweet soul album.

  12. Thanks Paros & Lafayette, I’m sure it’s a great one.

  13. wow, I love this lp! fantastic… much thanks for sharing.

  14. Yep, this joint ain’t half-bad! 😉


  15. Thank You you make my day !

  16. NOW thats some SOUL!!! thanks Paros!

  17. Another gem for my ears, thanks for sharing your hard work

  18. Thanks for sharing this gem!

  19. I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  20. hi Lafayette thanks for the up, man it,s what you say it,s all over the place more like a demo test run to show what they can do ,Anything else by them or under a different name ? THANKS. pedro

  21. […] Again, mad props to Paros for supplying us with the good music…but first and foremost, August Sims and The Directions – thank you for the music! […]

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