Week 53: Breaks Vol. 2

By: Lafayette

Dec 31 2009

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Welcome back, friends!

High time for the last post of 2009, right?! Week 53 is all about 4BB Breaks Volume 2 – the second installment in the 4BB Weekly mixtape series! Once again our house DJ, LP2, takes us all for a joyride – through jazzy breaks, solid dance floor heaters, old party favourites, more recent funk outbreaks, deep afro-funk and some soulful steppers…all in all, the perfect musical companion and party backdrop to any successful New Year’s celebration!

Just so you know, LP2 had to work extra hard to complete this mixtape, all because he managed to lose the Serato playlist and the original digital tracks (another computer mishap) used in the project…which resulted in LP2 pulling an all-niter to manually identify the 29 song titles and artists. After figuring out 28 of them, LP2 did the smart move of scrapping the 29th track – just to be able to deliver on time (and to get at least a couple of hours of sleep)!

So, just to spice things up a bit (y’all know we like to complicate things at least a little by now), and to honor LP2’s manual labour, we’ve decided NOT to just give up the 4BB Breaks Vol. 2 tracklisting. Why not end this old year and start the new 2010 with a competition?! How about we give you the mixtape tracklisting, but leave y’all with 5 blanks for you to figure out…and that you get no less than a week to figure them out? And just for the hell of it, how about us throwing in a nice prize to the first person who figures out all 5 and gets the tracklist completed?! :¬)

But before we get to the competition, the incomplete tracklisting and the nice prize, here’s a short preview snippet of 4BB Breaks Vol. 2: The Break Out (Pt. 1) – just to get the groove juices flowing:

Sounding good enough to end this old year, right?!

OK, here’s the tracklisting, or rather the partial tracklisting – it’s kinda clear where you have to guess what’s what…and we’ve set the level of trickiness to medium, so that y’all can partake! Check it out:

01. Ray Camacho & The Teardrops: Movin’ On
02. Aquarian Dream: Fantasy
03. The Black Exotics:Theme Of The Blackbyrds
04. Esperanto: Night Of The Wolf
05. The Bamboos: Tighten Up
06. ???
07. A Certain Ratio: Do The Du
08. Traks: Wild Safari
09. Rhythm Heritage: Sky’s The Limit
10. Muscle Shoals Horns: Open Up Your Heart
11. ???
12. Visions of Tomorrow: Galaxy
13. Kay-Gee’s: Tango Hustle
14. Roy Ayers Ubiquity: Cincinnati Growl
15. Aquarian Dream: You’re A Star
16. ???
17. Dennis Coffey: Theme From Black Belt Jones
18. Samba Soul: Chove Chuva/Mas Que Nada
19. Manu Dibango: African Battle
20. ???
21. Manzel: Space Funk
22. Johnny Pate: Shaft In Africa
23. J.J. Johnson: Parade Strut
24. War: Me And Baby Brother
25. LTD: Love To The World
26. ???
27. Dennis Coffey: The Sagittarian
28. Don Blackman: Heart’s Desire

Shouldn’t be that hard to figure out the missing songs/artists!

So, what about that fine prize for whoever figures this shit out first?! Well, how about a digital download from our favourite crate diggers/reissue wizards over at Numero Group…their latest release, Good God! Born Again Funk (NUM030) will be available real soon – and judging from the previews, it’s a stunning collection of awesomeness that at least I’m gonna be all over as soon as it drops! Now that’s what I call a nice prize!

Aight, friends…fair trade, right?! You get a great breaks mixtape, and I get 5 correct answers – and you could be the New Year’s Competition Winner! E-mail your completed tracklist here (it might be wise to put “Competition!” in the header, so I don’t miss it) – the first e-mail with the right answers win! Keep your fingers crossed that no one beats you to the punch!

Mad props to LP2 for yet another awesome mixtape – as always, 4BB salutes you! And stay tuned for a third 4BB Breaks installment in a near future!

Happy New Year!

Now hurry up and download this heater, crank up the volume and get that 2010 party started! And when you sober up, make sure to figure out those tracks and enter the competition!  :¬)


(Ps. Just so you know, you don’t have to worry about Soulbrotha, Arkane1, Vinnie or LP2 – they’re all disqualified from the competition! So, go ahead with your bad self, and get 2010 started on the good foot!)

32 comments on “Week 53: Breaks Vol. 2”

  1. Big thanks for coming through yet again, LP2!
    Happy New Year, friends! Now, enjoy 1 hour, 6 minutes and 23 seconds of the good music – and then leave a comment! 😉

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    • Hey L, Got 4 out of the 5…….can’t figure out 20 for the life of me man!! Never heard it before! I won’t send my answers since I can’t figure out 20!(LOL!!)

  2. LP2, my friend! Can’t wait to hear this jam. thanks as always.

    I pulled out another stack of 45s for you, I’ll have ’em in your inbox by next week 😀

    Happy New Year everybody (and a happy 3rd anniversary to Fufu Stew)!

    Peace and blessings.

    • Right back at ya, Vincent (and Fufu)! 😉
      Looking forward to that next batch too!

    • Happy new year bro! Lookin forward to the next edition of the 7″ special 😉

      oh and btw; good lookin on the Dennis Coffey 🙂

      • Lol I meant good lookin out… Well I guess I didn’t quite sleep my hangover off yet :p

  3. OK…Happy New Year, friends!

    And when you’ve slept it off, make sure to enter the competition! 🙂


  4. I just finished sleeping it off lol

    Happy New year, Bonne année, Godt Nytår and Feliz Año Nuevo friends!

    Oh, and Good Luck with the competition 🙂


  5. Just found a minute to wish you my brothers, 2010 to be the best year in your life.
    and i am listening to the mix which is really very good!!!

  6. Another fiery joint!! Thanks 4bros!!

  7. Great post ! As usual !

  8. Thanks T & Ben…now, go figure out them missing tracks! 🙂


    • Hey Lafayette,

      Do you know anyone in your circle that can post Lonette Mckee’s album Lonette that was released in 1974 on Sussex records………desperately looking for that! Heard three tunes from it and they are simply amazing!

  9. Happy New year!! another great drop!!

  10. Love this mix! Thanks fellas & Happy New Year to everyone! 😀

  11. How are you doing? I made a Roy Ayers Mix and I’d like you to check it out and let me know what you think

    • Kinda sweet…but the sound quality is really suffering…something that happened in the video conversion or what?!


  12. Anybody came up with the five missing titles? 🙂

  13. Alright, let me go back and try to find it then(LOL!!) Thanks Laf!

  14. Done Laf!(LOL!!)

  15. Hahahahaha!
    Aight, we’ll see if you really was the swiftest when we reveal the winner (and the correct results) on Thursday! 😉


  16. I hate to admit it, but I am really stumped by nos. 6 and 20. I know, I should know them all, but even a few slip under my radar now and again lol

    Great work once again, LP2 😀

    Peace and blessings.

  17. I just realized that “number 6” say their name in the track!
    And that number 20 was posted on the blog not so long ago :))

  18. We’ve actually received a couple of correct answers by now…but has anyone got all 5 answers right?! 😉


  19. Oh I know I do Laf………….the funny thing is with number 20 I was listening to it and I thought about that group but I was too lazy to go back and listen to the album to see if I was right!(LOL!!) Surprised I had answers for all 5, I pride myself on being an oldies soul and r&b head so that contest was good………….y’all should do another one…………soon!!

  20. Back on the block and ready to hear this. LP2 always catches my ear with his style and coolness.

  21. …damn, this mix just made my saturday morning.

    the sun is shining indeed


  22. Aight, congratulations to our competition winner – T-Swift!
    Yep, you nailed it! 🙂
    Now, hit me up and claim the grand prize!


  23. Hey all,

    Great tunes, as usual!

    Not sure if you guys heard Gaslamp Killer Flying Lotus mix.

    It is DOPE!


    A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK):

    [audio src="http://www.brainfeedersite.com/podpress_trac/web/1293/0/Decademix.mp3" /]

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