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“This is a tribute to all the original music that built hip-hop – the best beats in Soul, Funk & Jazz collected by four brothers!”. That’s how we introduced ourselves when we premiered on July 7th, 2007…two blogs, 500.000 unique visitors, almost 700 posts and a five month hiatus later – here we go again!

In this somewhat more simplistic setting we’ll be posting a new album each week – and to keep things interesting we’ll be encouraging you all to contribute every now and then…hopefully with an occasional guest post, but first and foremost by sharing your view on the posted material in the post comments.

Note! All posted music is password protected (see password below)!

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DISCLAIMER: 17 U.S.C. 107 permits copyrighted material to be used under the “fair use” doctrine without any permission from the copyright owner. As such, as far as these files are concerned, they are CLIPS and/or LOW QUALITY REPRODUCTIONS of material; As such they should not be used as substitutes for retail copies of the material contained within. No currency or materials in-Lieu of same has changed hands during the download and/or distribution of these files. No monetary reward is expected and/or accepted for the content of these files. No pretense has been, nor will ever be, made that these files and their contents have ever been, or ever will be, of retailable quality.

Still, any artist or legal copyright owner who whould rather not see their music or other creations on this blog, please leave a comment with a valid e-mail address and we will sort things out A.S.A.P. If you do download any music or any other copyrighted material, please delete download within 24 hours and hit the record shop. Support the artist and buy the record.

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