During October-November 2009 4BB Weekly ran a remix competition together with the Swedish funk outfit Damn! – in collaboration with Music Super Circus, Pope/Universal, Calisoulbrother and BeatBattle. In addition, we had a jury consisting of the most prominent music bloggers on the net and some heavy-weight representatives from the music industry…just to make sure that the we would find the best Damn! remixer around!

Read up on the competition, check out all the entries, the grand jury presentation, the great prizes and find out who actually was crowned Remix Champion 2009! And don’t forget to download the “Damn! Remix EP”!

The 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009 >>

The 4BB/Damn! Remix EP >>

The 4BB/Damn! Remix Entries >>

The 4BB/Damn! Remix Jury >>

The 4BB/Damn! Remix Prizes >>

4BB would like to thank everybody who helped out making The 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009 a great success!

/Laf & The B’s

144 comments on “4BB/Damn!”

  1. […] First Tweet 4 minutes ago lafay1 Lafayette Aight! Let the Damn! games begin! Join the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009…right here: https://4bbweekly.wordpress.com/remix/ view retweet […]

  2. Let’s do this! Looking forward to getting my mouse dirty!

  3. Looking forward to your entry already! Damn, let’s get this party started!


  4. CIAO

    i would love to take part, the original tracks are really soulful and inspiring pieces!!!

    but there must be an error: i’ve dowloaded the remix kit, and it seems a compilations of soul music in mp3, where are the separate track of each songs ? (i mean vocals, beats, basses, keys etc.) … at least i only need the acapella!

    and please, make available WAV files for a proper quality remix!

    thanks for your attention,
    all the very best from italy

    • Ooops, sorry! The link is now corrected and replaced!
      Will see what we can do about WAV-files…but the MP3’s will have to do for right now!
      Thanks for the heads up, Tommy!


  5. no problem !
    thanks for fixing, now i’ve got it correctly.

    count me in, i like the song too much : )
    will send my entry for sure,
    i love to put on rework all the care it deserve,
    so expect my remix a few days before the deadline…

    thank you!

    soulful regards

  6. Count me in 🙂

    Just one thing: what does “The only BIG no-no is beat biting – stay original, do your own thing…upfront beat jacking might lead to disqualification!” means, clearly.

  7. Bro!
    If you simply nick someone else’s beat (another producers beat – not sampling in general)…that could be considered unoriginal, and kinda sloppy! 😀

    Which doesn’t mean that you can’t use the drums from Tribe’s “Bonita Applebum”, that would be considered an old school tribute…just don’t use it too much…like seasoning, not the main course…just enough so people recognise it! Get the difference?

    Another fine example: Remember the Black Spade vs. Charles Hamilton incident? Make sure to read the hilarious comments (there’s 397 of them) here!

  8. Damn! I’ve been waiting for this one!

  9. THIS is what the internet is for! I’m on it! 😀

  10. […] Source:4BB Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Suzy Solar – Solar Power Sessions 409 (guest Lil B) – 2009.08.11Young sistahs of science […]

  11. This time I won’t dodge jury duty! This will be sweet!

  12. […] 41 is here, and with it the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition 2009…which I guess you’ve noticed by now! But also this great forgotten gem – The Friends […]

  13. Good luck to all the contestants! Enjoy!

    Peace and blessings.

  14. You can download the program switch for free and use that to switch the mp3 files to wav files if need be………..it’s very easy to do with that program……….takes literally 15 seconds(LOL!!) Thought I’d give the word of advice Lafayette………..it’s a good thing you’re doing here!

  15. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

  16. very cool
    can;t wait to get going!!

    …& let me also take the opportunity to (again) praise this blog for all the work and love you put into it for our benefit.

    Keep it up for 2010 & beyond!

    & stay tuned for The MatsBone Connection’s debut album – coming soon!

    =shameless plug 🙂

  17. eh hem (clearing throat) gentlemen I’m in. and thanks for all the awesome music.

  18. I’m trying to dl it but I end up in zshare loop. deleted all cookies.
    click download goto wait here now click here to download back to the orginal download page.
    any thoughts??

  19. ok I even signed up for a free account still can’t get to the dl. any other links??

  20. Alternative download link is now up and running, Boodah!


  21. downloading now thank you. 🙂

  22. cool… thx for the link

  23. Hi everybody, just confirmed the album Let’s Zoom In is available on dustygroove.com now. Feel free!


  24. Thank you for Introducing this Band to me. When downloaded the Album from i-tunes sweden, i got tears in my eyes. I heard the album 5 times in this night. So i went to bed around 3 o´clock in the morning and stand up for work at 7. I´m too old for that, so please leave next time a message when you promote a band like this…

    bless bubblez

  25. Hey, all!
    The competition page will be updated at the beginning of next week – with some more information on the prizes, the jury presentation, more about the sponsors and some preview clips of the entries so far!

    So stay tuned! 😉


  26. […] And yeah, don’t forget the deadline of the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition – Sunday November 8th! So, you got about two weeks to finalize your winning entry! Keep up the […]

  27. The deadline is closing in – 2 weeks left to do your thing! Midnight Sunday November 8th is the magic hour! 😀


  28. Hello, i send you my first remix. You’re the best, so keep on.
    Greetings from France

  29. Looking forward to the update and the first previews 🙂

  30. Curious on the competition, eh? 😉

  31. nice…another fake competition like the last Pope remix comp????complete waste of time!!!!!!5 months have gone and no winner announced….i wont waste my time on this again guys…

    • Fake?
      In what way?
      I don’t know anything about any previous remix competition, but this is the real shit for sure!
      This competition’s just been going on for about two weeks, with almost two weeks left until deadline – so I don’t really see the need for any snide remarks in this forum…not yet any way 😉

      All the best,

  32. No, it’s no fake : it’s just for fun.4BB give us good music all the year, and this music is gold for hip hop producer. So if you can make it, make a remix is not wasted time.

    It’s just for fun and like cindy lauper sing : ” girls just want to have fun” : LOL

  33. Aight…Tommy, Boodah, G-Box, Rap, Manyorg and everyone else out there – we’re waiting! 😀


  34. What up brothers! Blogger closed my spot this morning so i’m here to ask you some help to spread the word about the new address
    Thanks for the love and the support. hope you could help me

    Stay up!


  35. Sure thing, HC! 😀

  36. Hey, everybody…two new entries posted on the preview page – check ’em out! https://4bbweekly.wordpress.com/entries/

  37. Putting the finishing touches on mine. I should have it in tomorrow.

  38. Hej!

    Jag har ingen webmail tyvärr… kan man sprenda en fil till er eller nåt? Eller måste jag maila den via nån som har en webmail då?

    Tusen tack! / Saften

    • Sure thing, Saften!
      Sprenda, zShare, Mediafire…any filehosting service like that would do just fine!


  39. Grymt! Vart skickar jag den då? Så fort ja klickar på länken här så kommer jag till en webmail och fastnar..? Finns en adress?
    Stort tack! : )

  40. Send it to 4brothersbeats(at)gmail.com
    Or check your hotmail! 🙂

  41. You’re so very welcome! 😉


  42. Aight, peeps! Just 2 days left to finish your Damn! remix! 🙂
    And yeah…new weekly post up real soon too!
    A special treat from our funk provider, Paros!


  43. 15 hours ’til DEADLINE!


  44. Question; the deadline is midnight @ which timezone?


  45. GMT -5…Central 4BB time, of course! 😉

  46. Hoho past deadline, ive got my entry in!

    have a listen dudes and dudettes 🙂

    Another Damn! Remix

    // André Pentmo

  47. Do you have any idea when the pages will be updated? I´m getting impatient! lol 🙂

  48. WOW! It’s some dope remixes here. Everybody did a great job and now it’s up to the judges. Good luck to all (including myself! LOL).

  49. Yeah…you all did real good!
    I’m real proud of the creative outcome – and I bet that goes for the Damn! band as well! 🙂

  50. Damn! Gorques funky remix is my favourite (except for my own) so far!
    That chorus is lethal!

    Veeeery nice job everybody

  51. Great job indeed! 16 different remixers involved, that is awesome! I just listened to everything and ended up with 5 favorites but… Ima wait and see before name dropping.

    So how does the voting go? cause I don´t get it so far (sorry lol). The jury will pick some finalists for next Sunday, how many of them? and from there, is it going to be the jury re-voting again or open vote for everyone? should we all rally our troops or not? LOL!

  52. The jury will handle everything from now on, LP2!
    If you wanna rally the troops, this is the forum to apply pressure on the jury! 😀


    • LOL No I´m cool, I´m fine with everything being handled and decided by the jury rather than a competition on “who got the biggest network”.

      No need to put pressure on the jury, I guess you all are aware of what you have to do and whatever decision you take will be fair regardless… hopefully… nah it will be 🙂

      • Hahaha!
        Was that how you won it last time?
        I didn’t know! 😀

        Joking aside, last time the public helped out with choosing the finalists and the jury took over after that…
        This time around we got the best possible jury to handle it ALL…I think it will be more fair, for everybody involved! And way cooler too…I mean Blind I’s $, Nalden, Chris from Yes Yes Y’all, the members of Damn!, their label reps from Pope/Universal, BeatBattle’s Chad B, Calisoulbrother & Music Super Circus…these cats know their shit! 😉


  53. Exactly! I mean… for the jury, not for last time lol (I didn´t post on any forums to vote for me, which was not the case for everyone lol) but anyway of course my people helped me out.

    But if this board has an influence on the jury; please folks show me love! Free popsicles to the one who gives the nicest word about me (I make my own competition inside the competition…)

    Alright, I have to stop polluting the board, some people got real things to say. I´m out lol

  54. Lawdy laaaaawd!

    This is going to be tough! We’re all pretty amazed at the number of contestants, and level of love and effort that is obviously behind each and every entry. Thanks people, let the best damn remix win!


  55. good luck for all the participants in this contest!:)

    marius m.

  56. @ Svante: y’all some DOPE mofos! You definitely have my support! 😀

    @ all the contestants: you all did a bang-up job. Kudos to each and every one of you. Lots of great styles here, but I will keep my vote a secret… 🙂

    @ Laffy: Thanks for the zip file 😉

    See y’all soon.

    Peace and blessings.

  57. hi Lafayett!!! i hope everything cool ??? thanx for the Joe thomas LP 🙂 and i have to much to do so i cant rmx something…. next time 🙂


  58. thanks for the joe thomas lp.

  59. Hey the brothers can you put all the remixes in a rar archive and put it on a rapidshare in order we can listen on ipod for example/

  60. OMG! ALL ENTRIES ARE SO GOOD IT’S SILLY, hahaha!!!! Theres just so much good music out there… and it’s an honour to be a part of this competition! All the best from Saft Stockholm : )

  61. OK…the finalists will be announced tomorrow, Sunday 15th!
    Still waiting for some of the jurors votes…suspense all the way to the finish line for sure! 😀


  62. Omagaaaaad. It’s the D-daaaay!!!

  63. yes we want to know the result

  64. WOW!
    Very nice entries!

  65. Chill, peeps…all in due time! The competition page will be updated later tonite! 😉


  66. Just wanted to say (before the final nominees are selected!) that this was a very cool idea – great initiative by the 4bb crew, and the Damn-gang along with their label.

    Being also involved on the label/artist-side of the business, I firmly believe these kind of events are the way forward for an artist. Involve the public, have fun w the music and give something back. It will pay back multiple… You’ve whipped up global interest for a very cool (but relatively unknown) Swedish group.

    Stay true – thanx for the opportunity to be a part of the Groove!
    May the funkiest entry win!

    • Thanks, MB!
      Your comment pretty much sums up the general idea of it all, I guess…just didn’t think that far ahead – I was ready to settle for just “Hey, lets have some fun!”. :¬)
      And we’ve sure had a lot of fun with this competition…thanks to all of you who put time and effort into this project – you’re all winners in my book!
      I’m almost just as proud of the jury that we managed to get on board for all this…busy, successful people all of them, and they all took the time needed to help us out!
      Pretty damn amazing all of it!
      A simple “Thank you!” just isn’t enough…

      Laf & the B’s

  67. Thanks to the 4BB, for all the good music they give us all the weeks.
    They educate young people in order to discover the great black music from the 60 and the 70’s.
    For me it’s the golden era, and all these lps are treasure we must trasmit to the young generation.
    So thanks: in educating the young people we can influence the future.
    And a little tenderness and soul in our future is perhaps an element for a better world.

    You can be active with the activist or sleeping with the sleeper.
    So I choose to be active with the activist of soul: perhaps the activist of love.



  68. when we’ll know the damn results?:)

    we are all curious ’bout the finalist…

    marius m.

  69. I’m working on it! 😉


  70. You guys gotta remember that the deadline is at 4BB time, which means GMT+whatever it takes… :p

  71. Hahahaha! Now stop interrupting me…counting is hard! We’re deep into the fifth control count…we have to be sure to get it right you know! 😀


  72. Ok alright I stop…

    Hope it´s not the same team that recounted the Bush/Kerry vote tho!

    lol ok I´m out 😉

  73. OK, so finally…the finalists are announced!
    Congratulations to all of you!

    And regarding the entries that didn’t make it…there are no losers in a competition like this! The jury, Damn! & 4BB thanks all of you for your efforts…you’re all winners to us! 😀


  74. congrats to the finalists! next time i will stay on-topic 😀

  75. Yeah, N-Jin…don’t be sorry! You did real good…and you were the runner-up regarding the wildcard votes! Now, that’s really like an honorary mention to me! Big ups!


  76. Yeah! Im still betting on Gorques mix, would be a satisfaction for me even if I didn’t make to the finalists if he won!

  77. Congratulations Gorque!

  78. Thank you Lafayette!
    Can we expect more remix contests in the future?
    Best wishes

  79. Yes, you can!
    But until we’re good and ready for another round, go check out the bi-weekly beat battle going on over at BeatBattle! So go ahead and get at Twitter-account, and I’m sure Chaddie B will take good care of all y’all!


  80. congratuletion to the winner

  81. Congrats and Good luck to the finalists. My money’s on C.H.

  82. Congrats to all the other finalist. It’s been a real fun contest and all the remixes are insane. My favorite i must say i Gorque’s – Get Your Grown Man On. That one is crazy!

  83. I Just finished work and thought I’d check in and see if it was updated! and OMG!!

    😀 !!!!! (good thing i was sitting down for this one)

    I’m honored to be amongst some truly sweet entries, and thanks for the support and comments guys :)!

    another week of suspense ahead then! May the best man/woman/smizmar win!

    GL & HF /Gorque

  84. My vote (which does not count fortunately lol) would go for Gorque´s “Get Your Grown Man On” and Mofo Trio´s remix of the same track… That´s a tie!

    I really like the way Mofo Trio flipped it into a different genre and yet it sounds awesome. Good looking on the voice filter as well! Way to go guys

  85. Wow!

    It an honour to be in the finals and I’ts so inspiring to listen to all the different remixes! Beeing a sucker for slick stuff Gorquey’s both entries speak right to my heart, and C.H. has a similar effect…

    All the best from the Saftis!

  86. This is going to be close! Let’s hope nobody has to go to the supreme court and change the rules after the count…:)

    Thank you again, everyone! Let the best be the best!


  87. Yeah, no I don’t know how to make those fancy emoticons…

  88. hey! Don’t forget to make the entries available for downloading. That would be very very nice 😀

  89. […] clip info! And yeah, don’t forget – tomorrow we’ll finally crown the Champion in the 4BB/Damn! Remix Competition…the suspense is really killing me!) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Eddie […]

  90. I need you contestants are here, refreshing the page every 2 minutes waiting for the results… Iknow it… I see you… LOL

    Sorry I am bored 🙂

  91. Wow! What a result!

    Congratulations Gorque, you really killed us apparently 🙂

    And big up to Mofo trio… Wish i would have their remix on wax

  92. Hahaha!
    Don’t sell yourself short, LP2…both your remixes kicked serious ass – and you weren’t that far behind you know (like 2-3 votes from the 3rd place)!

    You’ll get them next time, I’m sure! 😀


  93. WOWOWEEEWAAA!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Far beyond what I’d expected! dunno what to say. most of the entries and certainly the finalists were awesome! to even compete was an honor, this is beyond omg! I’m gonna start a diary just so i can note this day as AWESOMEST!

    and thank you brotherip2, and the jury and everone. wow…..

  94. LOL nah no next time for me, Gorque is jävla too funky lol

  95. And a huge thanks to the brothers for hosting this thing! Most fun I’ve had in a long time!

  96. And if you wanna send some C vitamin to Laf who hasnt slept in a month because he was busy updating this page for our listening pleasure, contact him in private! lol

    On a serious note, the brothers have always managed to host the most original and most rewarding competitions. Thanks for that!

    • LP2, Laf is tellin the truth. Your mix was a serious contender, along with Mofo Trio. Excellent contributions from both of you. I hope you will come back next time with a vengence. 😉

  97. congrats and have fun with the prizes – damn! 😀

  98. Thanks, LP2, Gorque & N-Jin…it was our pleasure! 🙂


  99. Wooooooow!!! So cool Gorque’s got first AND second, he defenatly deserves it! Clever remixes with feeling and groove, yeay! GRATTIS!!! Å tack för en grym tävling 4BB! Ha en go vecka allihop : )

  100. great competion!!!

    …is there a way of downloading the remixes???

  101. thanx!!!!!

  102. congratulation gorque : you make really good job.


  103. Congrats Gorque.

  104. I know I’m late. I’m always late but I had to post my congratulations to Gorgue. All I can say is WOW! Fantastic job all of the contestants.

    Thanks to you all and special thanks to our hosts 4BB. This contest rocked!!!

  105. […] the two original Damn! songs, as well as the six finalist entries) is now available for download right here! Just so you know, the special Remix Competition pages are still up and running – click here to […]

  106. Very cool competition!
    Wished I didn’t miss it.

  107. […] the two original Damn! songs, as well as the six finalist entries) is now available for download right here! Just so you know, the special Remix Competition pages are still up and running – click here to […]

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